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Your heart will lead you to your perfect home in Calgary, with so many neighbourhoods and styles of homes to choose from.
From sky-high condos to lake community homes, centuries-old houses by the river to modern inner-city infills, you can build a vibrant life in a home you love – in one of the top 10 most livable cities in the world.

Affordability of Calgary homes

Compared to other big cities across Canada and the world, the cost of living is lower in Calgary. In a global index comparing cost of living among major cities, Calgary has the lowest cost of living compared to the five Canadian cities – Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver – included in the index (Mercer 2023 Cost of Living City Ranking).

Calgary affordability

Average rental prices in Calgary

Calgary is still one of the most affordable rental markets in Canada. Calgary remains more affordable than Vancouver or Toronto with the average monthly rental price of $1,736 for a one-bedroom in Calgary, as of May 2024.

Home purchase prices in Calgary

You can purchase your dream home in Calgary, because your money goes further here. Calgary has the second-lowest average home purchase price compared to other major Canadian cities, making it a great city for young professionals and families to purchase a first home.

The benchmark home purchase price in Calgary as of May 2024 was $577,100. The purchase price for a home in Vancouver or Toronto was more than double the price of a home in Calgary.

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Did you know?

Canadian experts recommend spending no more than 30 per cent of your income on housing costs: either renting or mortgage payments.

Choose your community in Calgary

Before you look to buy or rent a home in Calgary, you may want to consider which community makes the most sense for your lifestyle! The city offers a wide variety of housing choices at different price points, and each community has its own unique vibe.

Understanding Calgary’s four quadrants

The four quadrants in Calgary each have something unique to offer. It may help to narrow down the quadrant you and your family are interested in, before selecting your top communities of choice.

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Explore the neighbourhood vibes in Calgary

Calgary has over 190 neighbourhoods and each has a unique neighbourly vibe, access to amenities, greenspaces, schools, restaurants and cultural hubs.

But don’t just hear it from us. Loved by locals, Avenue Magazine Calgary is a publication that annually holds a Best Neighbourhood competition. With 13 different categories, the competition evaluated Calgarians’ favourite neighbourhoods with a lens of accessibility, vibrancy and walkability.

Calgary’s best neighbourhoods
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Types of homes in Calgary

From inner-city brick historical homes and modern infills to large backyards and made-to-order homes in the suburbs –  you can find your perfect home here. Depending on your lifestyle, there is a home for everyone in Calgary.

Renting in Calgary

Whether you’re looking for a condo, townhome or home to rent, there are a few ways to search rental properties in Calgary.

Local tip:

Rentfaster, Zumper and Rent Canada are the most popular sites for finding a rental, however locals may also recommend checking Facebook Marketplace and connecting directly with buildings you’re interested in. 

Alberta has a Residential Tenancies Act that sets rights and responsibilities that apply to tenants. It’s helpful to be familiar with the Act to prevent misunderstandings and potential disagreements.

Alberta Residential Tenancies Act

What to consider when renting a home in Calgary:

Buying a home in Calgary

Buying a home is a big decision for you and your family, and a milestone to be celebrated. features all homes available for purchase in the city and surrounding area. When home is where the heart is, find your heart in Calgary.

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