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Calgary has four unique seasons that are stunning in their own ways. Our seasons feature everything from magical powder-filled winters to warm and carefree summers.

Calgary's seasons at a glance

No matter what season we’re in, life in Calgary guarantees bright sunshine, with 333 days of sunshine a year, making us Canada’s sunniest major city. We enjoy life here with a variety of activities that take advantage of every possible temperature.

Summers of sunshine, festivals and patios

Here comes the sun.

In the summer months, you can expect Calgary’s streets to be filled with live music and concerts, patio hopping, markets and more. Not to mention the world-famous Calgary Stampede and other festivals like the Calgary Folk Music Festival which keep our streets buzzing all summer long!

What is winter really like in Calgary?

We’re not going to lie, it’s colder here during our winter months (November - March) compared to other parts of Canada but if you dress the part, you can embrace the winter months with ease. Unique to Calgary, Chinook Winds provide a warm reprieve throughout the winter season, which provides a break from colder winter temperatures (explore more on this below).

Calgary locals use the winter months to explore the city, take in shows and partake in outdoor adventures. Whether you are looking to cozy up in one of Calgary’s many coffee shops, or you are heading out for an activity-filled cross-country ski or day on the slopes, there is winter magic for everyone.

Outdoor favourites for locals include a skate through Bowness Park or the University District’s Central Commons Park. Winter is also a great time to explore Calgary’s downtown core, Chinatown or historic Inglewood. The season brings annual winter festivals like Chinook Blast and Blockheater, the winter Calgary Folk Music Festival.

Winter flies by in Calgary with many activities to keep you busy.

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What is a ‘Chinook Wind’?

Talk to any Calgarian and they’ll share a well-known fact to Southern Albertans: the Chinook Wind (known as ‘Chinooks’) – is nature’s gift to Calgary. A distinctive characteristic of Calgary winters, Chinooks are warm winds that raise temperatures by as much as 15 degrees in a few hours.

As the westerly winds travel over the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a Chinook arch forms, typically visible from anywhere in the city. The winds occur year-round but are most prominent between November and May, giving Calgarians a blissful break from winter’s colder temperatures and melting the snow away.

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How to prepare for Calgary’s weather

Calgary is a city where you can experience all four seasons in just one day.

Temperatures can soar to the high 30 degrees Celsius in the summer, while the average temperature sits at -4.6 degrees Celsius in the winter. Compared to other cities, Calgary has a dry climate – not a humid one – so summer heat is comfortable, and winter lows won’t chill you to the bone.


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